Parelli Framework

In this diagram I have attempted to show how the various parts of the Parelli program fit together to make a whole. Slowly as work progresses I will try to make each element “clickable” to bring up an explanatory page for each item, and more detail on how it fits in with the whole. Most of it will be subjective of course as it is my own view on what, for example, “Heart and desire” means to me. Some of it I will try to take from Pats own thoughts. Therefore I would encourage the reader to think deeply about their own interpretation of the various boxes, an interpretation that in my own experience is likely to change as time goes by and your understanding and motives for being in the program change.

I am fully anticipating that completing all the boxes on the diagram will take me many months , if not years, so please check back from time to time to see how it is progressing. I will try to highlight the boxes that are clickable by making the type face bold and announce in my blog when changes occur.

My own motivation for creating this diagram was that whilst I know all the various Qualities and Principles I was also aware that some appeared in more than one place. By creating the diagram the framework became much clearer, and I hope the implementation of the sections will become more natural to me. I hope it does the same for you.